Crossfire Price in Nepal: Unleash Your Inner Off-Roader

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Crossfire price in Nepal

Are you searching for Crossfire prices in Nepal? Here I am going o tell you true and fact information about the crossfire price, availability, and specification.

With Crossfire, welcome to a world of exhilarating off-road adventures! We can help if you’re in Nepal and are looking for the ideal off-roading partner. Prepare to let your inner adrenaline junkie loose and master any terrain with Crossfire.

This article will examine the Crossfire price range in Nepal and assist you in locating the greatest offers on these heart-pounding devices. Crossfire delivers the ideal fusion of power, performance, and style, whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or just looking for a more luxurious driving experience.

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Let’s explore Crossfire’s world and learn about the low-cost solutions available to you in Nepal.

Crossfire price in Nepal

In search of the most recent Crossfire price in Nepal? Look nowhere else! We’ll outline the wide range of Crossfire costs that are offered in Nepal in this article.

Prepare to discover the ideal off-roading partner that matches your budget and lets your adventure run free. Don’t pass up the chance to rule the highways in fine style with Crossfire.

Crossfire BikesPrice in Nepal
Tracker 250Rs. 3,70,000
GR7 250Rs. 5,45,000
HJ 250Rs. 6,99,000 – Rs. 7,90,000
RM 250Rs. 8,43,000

Crossfire Overview

Crossfire is an off-road vehicle that is strong and adaptable and provides an amazing driving experience. Crossfire is designed to easily traverse any terrain and is renowned for its tough design, remarkable performance, and exceptional capabilities.

Crossfire’s powerful features and cutting-edge technology guarantee an exhilarating and dependable experience, whether you’re negotiating bumpy tracks or overcoming difficult off-road challenges.

Crossfire is the best option for anyone looking for excitement and off-road prowess thanks to its stunning appearance and variety of versions.

Engine and Transmission

Crossfire has a powerful engine and cutting-edge transmission that improve performance and provide a comfortable driving experience. Depending on Crossfire’s model and year, different engines and transmissions may be available.

Usually, there is a powerful engine under the hood that produces remarkable power and torque. To meet various performance requirements, the engine options could include multi-cylinder setups with variable cylinder displacements. The engine’s cutting-edge innovation enables effective fuel consumption without sacrificing performance.

Regarding transmission, Crossfire frequently comes with a quick-responding automatic transmission system. This transmission’s flawless gear changes enable efficient power delivery and smooth acceleration. For those who prefer a more engaging driving experience, some models might also come with manual transmission options.

Crossfire is equipped with a well-matched engine and transmission that can handle rough terrain and still provide superb control and responsiveness on both on-road and off-road excursions.

Brakes, Tyres, and Suspension

Crossfire has powerful brakes, resilient tires, and a capable suspension system to guarantee the best control, handling, and safety on and off the road.


Crossfire frequently has cutting-edge braking systems that offer trustworthy stopping capability. All-wheel disc brakes, which provide great braking performance and efficient heat dissipation even during demanding off-road driving, maybe a part of these systems. The vehicle’s overall safety is improved by the braking system’s ability to deliver quick and precise stopping.


Crossfire normally has tough, long-lasting tires that are appropriate for off-road excursions. These tires are made to offer excellent traction in a variety of conditions, including rocky, muddy, and dirt ones.

It is possible to navigate with confidence in difficult circumstances thanks to the exceptional grip and stability provided by the tyres’ sturdy construction and precisely designed tread patterns.


Crossfire has a strong suspension system that dampens shocks and vibrations to provide a comfortable and smooth ride. The suspension system may be made up of separate suspension parts that offer exceptional articulation and stability, like double wishbones or multi-link systems. This improves off-road performance by enabling the vehicle to maintain traction and stability on uneven surfaces.

Build, Dimension & Chassis

Crossfire boasts a robust and resilient chassis that is meant to endure the rigors of off-road excursions while offering a solid and dependable basis for the car. Depending on Crossfire’s model and year, the particular build, size, and chassis features may change.


Body-on-frame construction, which offers great structural integrity and endurance, is a common element of Crossfire. By using this construction technique, the chassis is guaranteed to be able to handle the rigors of off-road driving, such as negotiating rough terrain, rocky surfaces, and difficult barriers.


Crossfire’s size might change, but it usually has a hefty and imposing appearance. It can overcome obstacles without damaging the undercarriage because it has a lot of ground clearance. Crossfire’s measurements might include length, breadth, and height, offering a cozy interior for passengers and enough cargo space for gear and equipment.


Crossfire’s chassis is designed to provide stability and robustness. It might have a strengthened frame that can withstand the demands of off-road driving and still provide a smooth, controlled ride on paved roads. Excellent torsional rigidity is a goal of the chassis design, as this contributes to better handling and less body roll when cornering.


There are many characteristics of Crossfire that improve its functionality, comfort, convenience, and safety. Here are some typical characteristics you might anticipate finding in a Crossfire, while precise features may vary according to the model and year:

  • Off-Road Capability
  • Powerful Engine Options
  • Advanced Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) System
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Safety Features
  • Stylish Exterior Design
  • Cargo Capacity

Crossfire Tracker 250 Specifications

ENGINE 4-stroke, 2-valve, 1-cylinder
PEAK POWER19.4 BHP @ 7000 rpm
MAX TORQUE 17 Nm @ 5500 rpm
TOP SPEED110 kmph
CLUTCH TYPE Manual Wet multi-plate
MILEAGE30-35 Kmpl
DIMENSION (L x W x H)1930 mm x 810 mm x 1315 mm
WEIGHT117 kg (Dry)
SUSPENSIONTelescopic fork boots and Mono Suspension
FRONT TYRE80/100-19 – Disc
REAR TYRE120/90-16 – Disc
COLORSBlack, Red


In summary, the Crossfire is an effective and adaptable off-road vehicle that blends tough performance, cutting-edge technologies, and a plush cabin. Crossfire is built to handle any terrain with ease because of its durable construction, strong suspension, and trustworthy brakes.

Its strong engine choices, cutting-edge transmission systems, and 4WD capacity guarantee thrilling off-road excursions. Each travel is made comfortable and secure by the roomy interior, contemporary conveniences, and emphasis on safety.

Crossfire delivers an amazing fusion of performance, adaptability, and design, whether you’re looking for off-road thrills or a fashionable everyday vehicle. Prepare to embrace your sense of adventure and enjoy Crossfire’s thrills both on and off the road.

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