EPS Topik Korea Language Exam Application 2023

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EPS Topik Korea Language Exam Application 2023; EPS application for a working visa for Korea is open. Application in Special EPS Topik Korea Language. Foreign Employment Department, EPS Korea Branch, Gwarko, Lalitpur, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the Government of Nepal Important details on the Special EPS-TOPIK2023, CBT, which will be used to administer the Special Korean Language Test in 2023.

The Human Resource Development Service of Korea (HRD) conducted the selection of candidates under the process of re-sending workers who have returned legally to South Korea as workers in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) reached between the Governments of Nepal and the Republic of Korea under the Employment Permit System (EPS).

This information has been made available for the benefit of everyone who may be interested. Eligible Nepalese citizens who are on the list provided by the HRD Service of Korea and who wish to participate in the Special Korean Language Test (Special EPS-TOPIK, CBT) should complete the online application form with the pertinent information.

Eligibility of Applicant:

a) Nepali citizen,
b) e. P. S. Workers who got employment in the Republic of Korea and voluntarily returned to Nepal within the visa period (Sojourn Period) after January 1, 2010.
C: Completed 18 years of age and not exceeding 39 years of age i.e. concerned candidate from July 30, 1983 to July 29, 2005. Should have been born between 2040 Shravan 14 to 2062 Shravan 14.
d) Not having been punished by the court in criminal charges.
E went to the Republic of Korea and did not reside illegally.
f) There is no ban on going to other countries from Nepal. People without color blindness.
h) Have not stayed in Korea for more than five years on E-9 and E-9-1 visas.
As the name in the list received from HRD Korea that can participate in the Special EPS-TOPIK exam can only be filled in the application form, it is requested to fill the application form only after checking the list on the website of this office.

Exam schedule:
Form Submission Date: 2080 Shrawan 13 to Shrawan 15

Exam Routine published date: 2080 Bhadra 08
Exam Date: 2080 Bhadra 18 to Bhadra 29
Result Published date: 2080 Ashwin 03

Application Registration Process:-
a) Application Registration Date :- till July 29 to 31, 2023.
b) Application Registration Process :- Exam application form should be filled online by visiting https://eoers.epsnepal.gov.np. After filling the form, you are requested to download and print the Admit card and keep it safe. Also, the demo can be seen on the first page of https://eoers.epsnepal.gov.np.
(c) Documents required for registration of application
When the applicant fills the application form, upload the color scanned JPG Image file (Width 600 pixels. Up to 100KB) of the passport photo page (bio page)
will have to do.
Photocopies of documents other than MRP passport will not be accepted.

While filling out the application form, applicants are required to include their email address and mobile number.
Applicants must submit an MRP-sized color image of their upper chest with a white background, showing both ears and taken no more than three months ago.

100 x 300-pixel width, JPEG-only file type Uploaded photos should be scanned and up to 15KB in size. Along with the application, the passport number used when traveling through Korea must be provided. However, both passport numbers must be stated if the original passport has expired and a new one has been issued.
Only after submitting the application form and paying the exam fee are candidates eligible to sit for the Special EPS-TOPIK, CBT exam.

Manufacturing, agriculture, and animal husbandry are the three employment sectors. Note:- Out of the 8 sub-categories listed in the form, those who want to fill out the manufacturing sector form must answer 8 questions on the sub-sector.

Exam Fee: The cost of the exam is $28 USD. Nepalese rupees, which will be computed using the exchange rate specified by Nepal Rastra Bank, can only be used for the examination cost through designated online payment providers on the day before to the day on which the applicant is to register the form.

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