EPS Topik Korea Language Exam Registration 2022 Open Apply EPS Topik Registration

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EPS Topik Korea Language Exam Registration 2022

Open Registration for EPS Topik 2022. Every Nepalese can now register for the EPS Topik Korea Language Test Exam 2022. Register with EPS Topik 2022. Regarding completing the language test application form (EPS-TOPIK).

able to participate in the test program provided by HRD Korea on the administration of a Korean language test to choose candidates for transferring citizens of Nepal to the Republic of Korea as workers. This announcement welcomes qualified nationals of Nepal to submit an application based on the information below for the EPS Topik Korea Language Test Registration 2022.

Korean Bhasa Language EPS- TOPIK Test of Proficiency in Korean Eligibility to apply for EPS-TOPIK

  1. Person aged between 18 and 39
  2. Person with no criminal record in relation to serious offence punishable by imprisonment
  3. Person with no past records of deportation or departure under a departure order from the Republic of Korea
  4. Person who is not subject to travel ban in his/her home country
  5. Person who fulfills the eligibility requirements decided by both country
  6. Implementation of EPS-TOPIK

Korean EPS TOPIK Bhasa Language Exam Routine Agriculture & Manufacture Korean Bhasa Pariksha Exam Routine

  1. Exam Routine: Agriculture/ Livestock:
    First Phase- 2079 Magh 16 to Magh 27 ( 2023 Jan 30 to Feb 10)
    Second Phase – 2079 Falgun 08 to 2079 Falgun 26 ( 2023 Feb 20 to 2023 March 10)
  2. Agriculture/ Live Stock: Skill Test 2nd Round:
    First Phase:
     2079 Falgun 03 to 2079 Falgun 05 (2023 Feb 15 to 2023 Feb 17)
    Second Phase: 2079 Chaitra 01 to 2079 Chaitra 03 ( 2023 March 15 to 2023 March 17)
  3. Exam Routine- Manufacturing:
    First Phase- published later
    Second Phase-
  4. Manufacturing: Skill Test 2nd Round:
    First Phase:
    Second Phase:

How to apply for Korean EPS TOPIK Job How to Apply Korea Job Vacancy

  1. the designated Job Application form must be submitted to the sending agency, which was chosen in accordance with the MOU that Korea and the sending country signed.
  2. application time for jobs
  3. submit the job application form and any other required paperwork before the EPS-TOPIK expiration date (2 years).
  4. Candidate must pass EPS-TOPIK if the required two-year period has passed.
  5. Job applications are valid for a year after they are approved.
  6. If a worker was unable to sign a labor contract during the roster’s valid period, the worker may reapply for employment during the EPS-TOPIK period.
  7. Notification: Because EPS is a mechanism that allows employers to choose employees from among the registered employees in EPS pool, registering a roster there does not guarantee employment in Korea.

Korean Language Bhasa Test EPS-TOPIK questions Korean Language Bhasa Exam Question Model

  1. Listening (25 questions)
  2. Reading comprehension (25 questions)
  3. Total test time is 70 minutes)
  4. EPS-TOPIK Question book : Download Link (http://eps.hrdkorea.or.kr)

EPS Korea Language Test Exam Result How to Check How to announce

  • announced on a scheduled day via a website following the implementation of EPS-TOPIK
  • http://eps.hrdkorea.or.kr and http://epstopik.hrdkorea.or.kr are the websites’ home pages.
  • Posted in the sending nation’s sending agency
  • Passing Standards There will be a certain number of passable candidates among those who received over 80 points (200 total marks), in ascending order of highest score.
  • The EPS-TOPIK is valid for two years following the date of test result notification.
  • Others

Even if individuals pass the EPS-TOPIK, they only become eligible to join the EPS Pool after submitting a job application, which does not guarantee employment in Korea Reference. (Summary of the Hiring Process)

  1. EPS-TOPIK pass
  2. Job application
  3. Roster making and registration
  4. Introducing foreign workers (Random)
  5. Employment
  6. Person who wants to make job application shall issue the passport prior to the job application.

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