Google Pixel 7a Release Date, Price & Specs Rumours

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Many people love Google’s “A” line of smartphones. Additionally, since Google unveiled the Pixel 7 series in October, online rumors concerning the Pixel 7a have been circulating.

And now that we know how the phone will look, thanks to OnLeaks and Smartprix. Nobody was surprised to see that the Google Pixel 7a resembles the Pixel 7 almost exactly.

Google Pixel 7a Rumors:

Leaked renders

The 7a will include two camera sensors, an LED flash, and the same color-coordinated side frames and metallic camera design as the Pixel 7. However, the Pixel 7a’s front bezels appear to be fairly thick in the renders, making this the most noticeable change. in particular on the chin.

Apart from that, the phone’s measurements are 152.4 x 72.9 x 9.0mm (or 10.1mm with the camera bump). The Pixel 6a’s dimensions were 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9mm for comparison. The likelihood is that the phone will come in two colors: white and grey.

Faster display, processor

According to reports, the Google Pixel 7a will come with a 6.1″ Samsung FHD+ 90Hz display. This is a much-welcomed improvement, as the Pixel 6a’s display’s 60Hz refresh rate was one of its main drawbacks. The Pixel 7a will be a fierce competitor in the midrange market if it gets a faster screen.

Google Tensor G2

The new Tensor G2 processor is also expected to provide performance for the Pixel 7a. However, it does deliver some generous improvements in the graphics and machine learning fields compared to the first-generation Tensor processor. For security, the phone will also have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Better cameras

The Sony IMX363 sensor from previous Pixel devices was utilised in the Pixel 6a. Kuba Wojciechowski, a developer, claims that its replacement will have both an IMX787 primary sensor and an IMX712 ultrawide. On the Pixel 7a, this should result in noticeably better phone shots.

The Pixel 7a’s camera configuration is referred to by Kuba as the “Pixel 22 Mid-range.” The phone, which was given the codename “lynx,” was also said to include a GN1 sensor. But the GN1 isn’t mentioned in the camera driver codes that were leaked.

Wireless charging

Another aspect that made the 6a less appealing to certain individuals was its slow charging pace. While there is no information on quicker charging, Google is apparently upgrading the Pixel 7a to accommodate 5W wireless charging.

Google Pixel 7a Launch and Price

The Google Pixel 7a is anticipated to go on sale in the first quarter of 2023. The precise price and release date, however, are not yet known. However, if the rumors are true and the device is released in 2023, it will be a hard-to-beat bundle.

How much will the Google Pixel 7a cost?

Again, there is no official word on the price of the Pixel 7a as of yet, but we can get an idea by looking at the models that came before it. The Pixel a-series launch costs are as follows:

  • Google Pixel 6a: $449/£399
  • Google Pixel 5a 5G: $449
  • Google Pixel 4a 5G: $499/£499
  • Google Pixel 4a: $349/£349
  • Google Pixel 3a: $399/£399

As you can see, the cost has fluctuated a little over the past several years, but it generally falls between $449 and £399, which is the same as what we observed with the Pixel 6a. It’s uncertain whether Google will extend the same bargain to the Pixel 7a due to the current rate of inflation and volatility in global currencies, but we hope it will.

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