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Hive social app Twitter

Hive is a social media platform built on the blockchain that promises to decentralize the process of producing, storing, and rewarding information. It is comparable to Twitter in that it enables users to publish brief text updates, known as “hives,” and engage in user-to-user communication via likes, comments, and mentions. Hive, in contrast to Twitter, is decentralized, meaning it is not run by a single organization, and users are compensated for creating and curating content using the Hive cryptocurrency.

How to use the hive social app Twitter

You must first register for an account on the Hive blockchain in order to utilize the Hive social app. To accomplish this, go to a website known as a “witness,” like, and follow the on-screen directions to make a new account.

Once you’ve created an account, you may use the platform via the online interface or by downloading the Hive app for your smartphone or tablet. After that, you can publish updates, known as “hives,” by typing a brief message and clicking the post button.

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By leaving comments on their posts, casting votes, and following other users so that you can see their updates in your feed, you may also engage with other users.

By producing and curating content on the network, you can also receive compensation in the form of Hive tokens. This is accomplished by making changes, contributing to the community with comments, and voting on posts made by other users.

Hive’s overall interface is comparable to Twitter’s, with a few extra features like rewards and decentralization.

Is it safe to use Hive social app?

Several elements, including how you manage your account information and how you engage with other users on the network, affect how secure using the Hive social app is.

Hive is generally regarded as secure as long as you follow the proper security procedures to safeguard your account information, such as employing a strong and distinctive password and maintaining the secrecy of your private keys.

Like any other social media platform, there is always a chance of running upon offensive or malicious content. By being cautious about who you engage with and reporting any suspicious conduct, you can reduce this danger.

It’s also crucial to remember that as Hive is a decentralized network, no single entity can be held accountable for the platform’s security. The platform’s security and user interface are actively being improved by the community of developers and users, nevertheless.

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In any case, before deciding to utilize Hive or any other social media platform, it’s crucial to conduct your own study and weigh the hazards.

Hive Social is owned by who?

It is only natural to be curious about Raluca Pop, the 24-year-old founder of Hive Social, given the rise in popularity of another social media platform.

Pop, a college student at the time, grew upset with her algorithm-influenced social media experiences in 2019. Later that year, she started working on Hive, learned herself how to code, and released the Hive Social app on the iOS App Store.

After minor user experience improvements, Hive attained the top spot in the App Store by 2021. It has now received 2 million downloads.

Is Hive Social Free?

You might be wondering if using this social media network has a fee now that Twitter has added a premium to its blue checkmark verification.

It costs nothing to download and use the Hive app. Both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store have the app available. It does not now have adverts, but with more users and higher costs in the future, that may change.

How to Sign Up for Hive

Hive might be the right choice for you if you want a server-free Twitter alternative.

There isn’t a desktop version of the social media software Hive yet; it is only available for mobile devices. It is available for download from Google Play or the iOS App Store. A download is also available on the Hive Social website.

To use the app, you must first download and open an account. A Google account or an email address are required for the Hive Social sign-up process. Later, the app will ask for your age (which it says it keeps private).

Hive website download page

Creating a username and display name is the next step.

Finding a username has proven to be difficult for some people, with all available options already taken. A server was brought down by a surge of 40K new sign-ups, according to Hive, but a repair is on the way. Not all new users are affected by this bug.

You will select a minimum of three interests from a list after choosing a username. You can pick from subjects like robotics, astrology, technology, novels, sports, and outdoor activities. Additionally, you can utilize the search feature to locate your particular interests more quickly.

You will be led to your feed page in the app once sign-up is complete (no email verification is required if signing up via Google).

Is Hive Here to Stay?

Hive has only a few years of experience and is still a young social media firm. Does it possess the strength to surpass Twitter?

Nearly 900,000 individuals actively downloaded Hive Social, which reached 2 million downloads. It presently ranks No. 6 among the most popular free social apps on Google Play (and 83 out of all free apps).

According to Fortune, Mastodon, an open-source Twitter substitute, had 2.6 million users in November. It doesn’t appear in the top 100 free apps on Google Play and is listed as the 20th best free social app.

Twitter, in contrast, is ranked 34th overall and third among the top free social apps. Twitter had 237.8 million users as of the second quarter of 2022, an increase of more than 8 million from the first.

It’s difficult to predict if Twitter competitors like Hive Social and Mastodon will unseat a social media behemoth like Twitter, despite the possibility of a surge in new users (and even ardent supporters). Despite Musk’s takeover, Twitter is still expanding, and it is increasingly likely that it will continue to rank among the top social networks.

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