How to apply for Nepal army vacancy 2080

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How to apply for Nepal army vacancy 2080

Are you want to apply for the post of Nepal army vacancy 2080? Here i will give the best ways to apply the Nepal Army Vacancy 2080.

Before starting the main topic i will give the salary detail of Nepal army of different post;

RankNepaliStarting Salary (NPR)
COAS Generalमहारथी (प्रधानसेनापती)Nrp 77,211
Lieutenant generalरथीNrp 74,221
Major GeneralउपरथीNrp 72,082
Brigadier Generalसहायक रथीNrp 60,950
ColonelमहासेनानीNrp 56,787
Lieutenant Colonelप्रमुख सेनानीNrp 52,279
MajorसेनानीNrp 48,737
Captainसह सेनानीNrp 47,208
Lieutenantउप सेनानीNrp 45,103
Honourable Lieutenantमानार्थ उप सेनानीNrp 43,689
Second Lieutenantसहायक सेनानीNrp 43,275
Officer Cadetउप सेनानीNrp 42,389

Applications have been invited to fill up the vacant military posts of Nepal Army, other than the approved posts, through an open and inclusive competition. Nepal Army requires citizens who meet the following qualifications to fill out the online application form from our official website at

Candidates should then print out the hard copy of the application and submit it to the designated recruitment center. Alternatively, candidates can appear at the recruitment center, fill out the application form, and pay Rs. 10/- (ten) for the stamp duty application.

Date and Place of Submission of Application Form:

(a) Nepal Army application submission date: From 2080/01/08 to 2080/02/07 and double fee submission from 2080/02/08 to 2080/02/14 during office hours.

If the last date falls on a public holiday, Nepal Army allows the submission of the application form on the next working day.

Nepal Army: Location – Relevant.

Nepal Army: Enrollment centers.

On submission of application form, Nepal Army will charge Rs. 150 (One Hundred and Fifty Rupees only) if the applicant applies in more than one group.

In case of Nepal Army, an additional fee of 20% will be charged for each group for the same advertisement. Also, the concerned admission centers have specified the bank account number, office code, and revenue title number – 14224. The examination fee account and the gross receipt and its copy are also required.

1/1 (one/one) application form should be submitted to Nepal Army admission center.

Nepal Army Minimum Educational Qualification:

Candidates must have passed class 8 (eight). Those who pass Class 9 (Nine) also pass Class 8 (Eight) in Nepal Army.

The submission of educational qualification certificate and the report card of passing class 8 (eight) is mandatory for Nepal Army. A minimum of 2 CGPA and a grade of D in any subject is mandatory for Nepal Army. Should not be less than D+ according to Nepal Army standards.

(B) Nepal Army requires S.L.C. / S.E.E. or the evidence submitted by those who submitted the certificate of educational qualification earlier.

I’m sorry, but I cannot rewrite the user’s text to be “Nepal Army” as there is no text provided. Please provide me with the original text so I can assist you better. A minimum GPA of 2 is mandatory in the upper academic qualification certificate, and a grade of D+ in any subject should not be less than that. Furthermore, the candidates who provide the certificate as per SLC / S.E.E. with duplicates of all educational qualification certificates must be submitted.


Nepal Army: Height:

Nepal Army: Minimum height requirement is 5 feet 3 inches for males.

Nepal Army: Minimum height requirement for female candidates is 5 feet 0 inches.

(b) Chest: Minimum 32 inches uninflated and minimum 34 inches inflated – Nepal Army

(c) Nepal Army: Weight:

Nepal Army: Minimum weight requirement is 50 Kg (110 pounds) for males.

Nepal Army: Minimum 40 k. Yes. (88 lb)

(d) Eyes: If glasses are used, the eyes should not be weaker than +-2. – Nepal Army

(G) Other Qualifications: Nepal Army.

(1) Candidates for the mentioned positions in Nepal Army have been found qualified by medical examination, are not members of an organization with subversive intent by the court in a criminal prosecution that appears morally corrupt, have not been convicted for espionage against Nepal, have not been convicted for violating human rights and humanitarian laws, and are disqualified for government service in the future.

Personnel of Nepal Army must not be dismissed from service. In the case of other qualifications, they should be as mentioned in the “Nepal Army Service Regulations, 2069”, “General principles to be adopted for appointment and promotion in the Nepal Army, 2064” and “Enrollment Selection Guide 2071”. (2) Candidates for Nepal Army posts should be unmarried (except serving Nepal Army personnel). Nepal Army personnel are not disqualified by law, are not currently members of any political party, and are not involved in any criminal activities.

2) Age Limit: Nepal Army

Applicants must have attained the age of 18 years and not exceeded 22 years of age by the final date of application submission on 02/07/2070 and be a citizen of Nepal.

Soldiers serving in Nepal Army should not be over 26 years old.

For Nepal Army candidates:

The last date of submission of application for Nepal Army is 2080/02/07, and a minimum service period of 1 year should be completed.

The recommendation of the Nepal Army unit head should be submitted. Nepal Army requires necessary documents to be included with the application. Copies of the following documents should be attested by the candidates themselves and submitted at the rate of 1/1 (one/one) in the Nepal Army file. Cremated and duplicate certificates will not be accepted by Nepal Army. It is mandatory to bring the original copies of all the documents to be submitted on the application day in Nepal Army.

Certificate of Nepal Army citizenship.

(b) Certificates of qualification of all educational levels, character certificate and original/provisional certificate required by Nepal Army.

In the case of those who have obtained degrees from boards and universities of other countries other than universities of Nepal, from Nepal Army.

The certificate of equivalency of the title obtained from a recognized book of published equivalency must also be submitted by Nepal Army.

Apart from educational qualifications, Nepal Army also considers certificates obtained by the individual for extra activities and certificates related to various subjects.

In the case of descendants of Nepal Army soldiers who are physically disabled due to military training or any physical injury while performing their duty and who died in the line of duty, the following additional documents must be verified and submitted by the candidate himself:

(1) The names must be included in the list of supporting documents published by the Nepal Army Directorate of Ceremonies.

(2) 1 (one) copy of the certified copy of the person mentioned as invalid or disabled in the pension right letter (Pension Patta) by Nepal Army.

(3) In the case of Nepal Army incumbent, a copy of the recommendation letter from the Medical Board as per Rule 107 of Military Service Rules 2069 per 1 (one) is required.

(4) 1 (one) copy of proof of relationship with the concerned soldier.

10) Nepal Army requires a recent passport size photograph of the candidate showing the full face (including both ears) clearly visible.

(In case of male with beard and hair cut) Nepal Army requires 4 (four) photographs and 1 (one) photograph of size 2X2 to be submitted along with the application.

11) Please provide the date and venue for the examination:

Dated 2077/11/16 at 11:00 at the concerned recruitment center where the application has been submitted.

12) Selection process: Nepal Army.

(a) Nepal Army’s selection test will consist of internal wearing and pre-medical, physical test, written test, comprehensive health test and interview. The detailed criteria of the wearing test to be conducted under the admission selection process has been placed on the Nepal Army website advertisement.

The selection test of the candidates will be conducted at the respective Nepal Army admission centers. 13. Salary, Allowance, Ration and other facilities: It will be according to the prevailing rules and regulations in Nepal Army.

14) Other conditions: Nepal Army.

A person working in Nepal Army should submit the departmental approval while applying.

(B) Nepal Army personnel are assigned to Combat-Related Duties, Combat Support, and Combat Service Support, except for those who are directly involved in Direct Combat Duties or Close Combat Roles at the front during the battle. Women are also exempted from performing such roles. Will be included in the Nepal Army agencies.

(c) Other conditions, apart from clauses (a) and (b), are mentioned on the website advertisement of Nepal Army.

15) Information regarding online application form filling in Nepal Army:

(a) Go to official website of Nepal Army JOIN NEPAL ARMY within Recruitment & Go to Selection and click on “Apply Online”.

The Nepal Army requires the following details to be filled in the online application form.

(1) Details of Nepal Army citizenship (2) Personal details (3) Educational details (4) Family details

When filling the online application form, Nepal Army requires the candidate to provide details such as age, educational qualification, and citizenship. Only those who meet the prescribed minimum qualifications will be admitted to fill the subsequent forms. After that, Nepal Army candidate तपाईंको व्यक्तिगत विवरण, पारिवारिक विवरण र शैक्षिक विवरणलाई नेपाल आर्मीमा कलिमाटी युनिकोडमा दर्ता गर्नुहोस्। Applicants are required to download the Nepal Army application form and admit card in PDF format, and save and print them with the provided details.

Candidates have to affix the photograph, postage stamp on the printed application form and submit it to the Nepal Army admission center of their choice within the specified date. All candidates are required to submit their application form online within the initial 30-day period and present the printed form in person during the same period. If a candidate submits the application form online only and does not submit the form with its printout, Nepal Army will not recognize the form submitted only online.

If there is any technical difficulty in filling the online application form, please go to Nepal Army’s “Request for Help” section and express your difficulty. Nepal Army suggests referring to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section for information regarding your query. The details of this advertisement and all the information related to the selection exam can be found on the official portal of Recruitment Selection Directorate at NEPAL ARMY JOB OPPORTUNITY & ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Nepal Army Syllabus. Also, if you need to get some more information, you are also informed to contact the Nepal Army admission selection centers available during office hours.

How to apply for Nepal army vacancy 2080

  • Required documents to be included with the application: (A) Certificate of Nepal Army citizenship.
  • (B) Nepal Army requires Certificate of Merit, Character Certificate and Original / Provisional Certificate of Qualification of all educational levels.
  • In the case of those who have obtained a degree from a board or university of a country other than Nepal Army University, they must submit a photocopy of the equivalent degree obtained from a recognized book of equivalence published by TRIVV and also a certificate of migration (transfer).
  • In the case of candidates applying for inclusion in Nepal Army, the following additional documents should also be submitted.
  • 1 (one) copy of the certificate certified as Adivasi / Janajati from Nepal Army Adivasi / Janajati National Upliftment Foundation for Adivasi / Janajati.

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