is legit or scam

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is legit or scam

Are you thinking about purchasing winter jackets, tops, bottoms, shoes, pyjamas, bags, boots, coats, and other clothing at It’s crucial to be aware that is a fraudulent online store before you make a purchase because it’s notorious for offering substandard products or nothing at all to unwary buyers.

It is essential to get in touch with your bank or financial institution if you have already made a purchase from in order to get your transactions reversed and your money returned. This post will cover the different warning signs that is a fraudulent online retailer as well as fraud prevention strategies.

What Does Sell, and What Kinds of Products?

Online retailer advertises that it offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, including tops, dresses, blankets, pants, sets, and more. However, the website is notorious for providing shady discounts on its goods, which should cause potential clients to be wary.

What Are the Red Flags That Indicate is a Scam Online Store?

There are several red flags that indicate that this website is a fraudulent online store and should be avoided. These include:

  1. The site was only launched in November 2022, and it will be gone by November 2023. This implies that it is a temporary website, which is unreliable.
  2. Negative internet reviews from customers who have shopped at the company claim that they never received the things they ordered or were unable to secure a refund.
  3. A false contact address that is linked to numerous phony internet stores is listed by on its website. The store is obviously concealing its genuine identity if this is the case.
  4. One more warning sign that the store is a fraud is that it offers extraordinary discounts that are too good to be true.
  5. This website lacks Norton or McAfee security, making it an unprotected website. Customers’ financial and personal information is at risk as a result.
  6. The majority of the store’s content and product photos were plagiarized from other online retailers.
  7. Unusual for an authentic online retailer, has no social media presence.
  8. A secure online purchase experience from this website is not guaranteed by using PayPal. The store might use a fictitious tracking number unrelated to your order, which would make getting a refund challenging.
  9. Customers have left Kelkong a large amount of unfavorable reviews and complaints, suggesting that the store is unreliable.


It is evident that is a fraudulent online retailer based on the warning signs and consumer complaints.
Instead of making your online purchases from, we advise you to use a recognized and reliable retailer.

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