Kucing Di Blender Full Video Asli

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Kucing Di Blender Full Video Asli

Social media outlets Twitter and TikTok have been rife with videos showing young children using blenders.

Link to the fully viral Blender cooking video that has been going around on Twitter and TikTok.

There are several accounts that post links to videos of cooking in blenders.

There are several reactions to the Diblender video.

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Many warganet are distressed by the ulang pelakunya.

A video with subtitles shows a little child’s face.

Social media users have been horrified by a video showing a cat being mixed alive. The cops have taken the author of the mixed cat material into custody.

“Cat lovers throughout the world weep at the sight in your eyes. Heaven is the ideal place for you since terrible people tortured your small body and tore you apart, according to the caption of the Instagram image from @rumahsinggahclow.


The story serves as an example of someone with the guts to torment a cat.

The original video quickly became popular on Twitter and TikTok. TikTok instantly removed some of the postings.

The first video clip, nevertheless, is still making the rounds on Twitter. In the article, a cat is seen being pushed into a blender.

Someone seems to have turned on the blender after the cat was placed inside, causing the creature to be ripped apart.

It’s horrible to see the cat struggle as its body begins to merge in half.

When the cat attempted to escape, the cruel offender held the blender shut. The cat eventually passed away after a knife tore through his body.

Police Arrest the Offender

A guy can be seen in the video placing what looks to be a little, still-alive cat into a blender.

The guy then switched on the blender that contained the gray cat.

The unfortunate cat also sustained severe injuries as a result of the offender’s despicable actions, and it’s possible that it perished cruelly in the blender.

It is well known that the popular video originated in China, not Indonesia.

Reveals Men’s Motives for Putting Live Cats in Blender, Danilla Riyadi Cried Upon Observing the Cruelty of the Perpetrators is the title of the article that has been published on TribunJakarta. com.

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