Kuwait Job Vacancy Notice

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Kuwait Job Vacancy Notice

Updates on Kuwait Job Opening Notices. For Nepalese residents who meet the required qualifications, several jobs and levels of employment vacancy notifications are issued in Kuwait. Job openings with good salaries are available in Kuwait. Use Nepal to apply for Kuwai Jobs. Jobs for Nepalis in Kuwait. 975 Nepalese physicians are to be sent to Kuwait, according to an advertisement.

A private firm claims that Kuwait has a high demand for Nepali specialists in medicine. Omega Manpower, situated in Basundhara, has announced that large hospitals in Kuwait are in need of staff members.

975 expert doctors in 7 different fields are being sought for by Manpower. Employees of Manpower said that they had advertised for physicians to be sent to Kuwait and planned to send them to Daman Hospital.

Online interviews are being conducted, and document collection is underway.
1700 KD to 2800 KD (NRS 8 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs 70 Thousands) is the range for salaries.

Category/Job Title

  • Anesthesia Doctor
  • ICU (Cardiac Doctor
  • Pediatric Doctor
  • Physician Doctor (Emergency)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctor
  • Orthopedic Doctor
  • Radiologist Doctor

The following terms and conditions shall be included in the contract:
a) Working hours: b) Overtime: 8 Hours per day, 26 days a month
As per Company policy
c) Annual leave: 30 days paid annual leave per year
d) Medical/Insurance: Provided by Company
e) Visa, medical test, and country ID Cost: Provided by the company

f) Other terms and conditions: As per Kuwait Labor Law

According to Manpower, this is the first occasion that physicians have been dispatched abroad. Doctors who match the requirements listed in the advertising are advised to send their applications and supporting documentation to the provided email address. The remuneration varies from 7 lakh to 12 lakh 70 thousand rupees, according to the advertising.

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