Lottery worth 82 crores to Nepalis in UAE

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Lottery worth 82 crores to Nepalis in UAE

In Abu Dhabi’s series 248 of the Big Ticket Raffle draw, Ranjit Kumar Pal, a Nepalese residing in Qatar, won 2 crores 3 lakh dirhams, or roughly 82 crore Nepalese rupees.

He has spent the last seven years working in a money exchange business in Doha, Qatar, and on January 16 he bought ticket 232936.

Pal announced that he would send the entire amount to his family in Nepal after being ecstatically informed that he had won the money. “I don’t think,” He stated, “I want to go back to Nepal and use this money for my family.”

For the preceding 15 months, he had been buying lots.

Bharat, a Nepalese vehicle washer in Dubai, age 31, had previously won a lottery worth 22 crore (22 million) rupees.

I was watching live in the workplace when the lotto winner was declared, he claimed. I started working when the client arrived. I watched the video again after finishing the assignment and discovered that I had won the prize of 23 million dirhams.

Pal, who comes from a middle-class family, expressed his happiness at receiving this honor and promised to keep up the good work he is already doing. It’s been seven years since I first arrived in Qatar, he remarked. In the past, I was in charge of the Himal Remit representative. I’ve been employed by Eastern Money Exchange Sanaiya for a while. No plans exist to stop.

After much effort, a Nepali wins the big ticket lottery in the UAE.

Winner Pal’s circle consists of 20 friends. While some of them are foreigners, four of them are Nepalese. For a year, they had been filling the lottery. Pal claimed that he was fortunate to receive his name this time.

A ticket for the lottery launched by Big Ticket at the Abu Dhabi Airport Duty-Free costs 500 dirhams, or roughly 18,000 rupees, according to Umakant Pandey, a journalist based in the UAE.

Everyone having access is insufficient, he declared. Palji had been filling out the lottery with the help of 20 buddies. Despite the fact that some people lose money, he was fortunate enough to receive the award.

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