Online Marriage Registration in Nepal

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Online Marriage Registration in Nepal

Bihe darta, commonly known as a marriage certificate in Nepal, can be obtained by applying to the court or the ward office (Online Registration).

Therefore, a person planning a wedding should apply for a marriage certificate at the closest district court or ward office.

The administrative office will need some time to check the information supplied after the application is filed. The marriage certificate will then be given to you provided everything is in order.

Who can marry in Nepal?

  • Whoever is male or female and is not married,
  • Those people, male or female, who are not insane
  • both genders who have reached adulthood at the age of twenty.

Online Marriage Registration in Nepal

Couples who have just wed in Nepal can request for a marriage certificate through

  1. Ward office
  2. Court

In Nepal, couples who meet all the requirements for marriage are recognized as married.

You do not need to register in court if your marriage is registered with your ward office. However, ward office registration is not required if you registered through the court.

1. Nepal’s Ward Office for Marriage Registration

It is currently acceptable and common practice in Nepal to register marriages through the ward office.

You have 35 days to register whether you wed legally or in a non-legal manner. If not, you will incur a minor fine for failing to register your marriage.

Following your online registration on the Online event registration system and in their records, the ward offices will issue you a marriage certificate.

Even if you completed your bibaha darta online, you still need to go to the ward office to complete the process.

such as delivering your marriage license, which the ward secretary and Adhyaksh will sign.

The process of registering a marriage is free in Nepal.


The paperwork required to register a marriage in Nepal is

  • Passport size photos (2 copies each of Both).
  • Citizenship (Both).
  • Evidence of marriage ceremony (Photograph).
  • Copy of Citizenship of Parents (Both).
  • Migration certificate (If you have basai sarai)

You can use your birth certificate or the Rastriya Parichaya Patra if you do not have citizenship.

You don’t need to write anything down or download any forms because most ward offices will complete the bihe darta application form themselves. Just ask them to register your marriage when you visit the ward office.

2. Court Marriage Process in Nepal

Young people in Nepal are becoming more and more interested in court marriages, which are also a recognized legal way to wed.

You must appear in court with the required paperwork and witnesses.

Documents Required in Nepal for Marriage Certificate

You will require the following paperwork to register your marriage license:

  • Application.
  • Court costs are Rs 500.
  • citizenship as well as a copy of each person.
  • citizenship and a witness’s photocopy.
  • Phone the size of a passport (each 4 copies).
  • Recommendation Avivahit Praman Patra Unmarried Certificate Request Letter from the local ward office.
  • letters of recommendation for temporary housing from the neighborhood ward office. The newlyweds must have lived in Kathmandu for at least fifteen days.

Nepal has requirements for marriage

According to Section 70 of the National Civil (Code) Act of 2017 (2074), a man and a woman may get married if the following criteria are satisfied:

  • If the couple decides to acknowledge one another as husband and wife,
  • If the couple is not related, incest is illegal and criminal.
  • If both the man and the woman are over the age of twenty and are not in a marital relationship (unmarried, divorced, widowed).


Is marriage registration compulsory in Nepal?

Yes, according to Nepal’s civil code, marriage registration is required.

How do I request a marriage certificate?

In Nepal, you can go to your ward office or a court to obtain a marriage certificate or legal recognition. If you reside in a foreign nation, visit the embassy.

What is paper marriage in Nepal?

The legal way to get married is through a court marriage or marriage registration, sometimes known as a “paper marriage.” The couple getting married comes before an appropriate court and registers their union by signing official documents in front of the judge.

How quickly can you get married?

The location of the marriage must be specified in a notice. The providing of notice carries a cost. Your marriage schedule will be made available by the Register Office 28 days after you’ve provided notice. Verify the accuracy of the information you provide the Register Officer when giving notice.

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