Patna Railway viral station

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Patna Railway viral station

viral video footage from Patna railway station, The TV displays erected at Patna Train Station, Bihar State, reportedly displayed a portion (+1 8) for three minutes at around 9:30 am on Sunday, which greatly embarrassed the general population.

On Twitter, hazy videos of the incident were shared. Regarding the incident, the passengers complained to the State Railways Police and the Railway Protection Force (RPF).

Passengers in the Bihar state’s Patna railway station were astonished when an adult film began playing on the TV screens that had been erected there. Nevertheless, according to India Today, the accident took place on Sunday at 9:30 am.

Passengers at the station were perplexed to see an adult movie start. On the station’s televisions, there were no commercials. filed grievances with the Railway Protection Force and the State Railways Police (GRP) (RPF). viral video footage from Patna railway station

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