Sahar Bandial Leaked Video

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Sahar Bandial Leaked Video

Continue reading to the end if you’re interested in learning more about the Sahar Bandial video and audio leaks that are now spreading on the internet.

In Pakistan, Sahar Bendial is well-known in the legal community. She is Chief Justice Omar Atta Bendial’s daughter.

The audio and video of Omar’s daughter that was leaked has generated a lot of discussion and controversy among traders on the Internet.

Let’s look at the Sahar Bendial, daughter of the Chief Justice, video that went popular on Reddit and Twitter.

The virus was leaked on Reddit and Twitter by Sahar Bendial.

Regarding Pakistani political issues, there is no clear information online about the leaked video and audio of Sahar Bendial.

Kayum was dismissed from the Supreme Court as a result of the leaked audio tape, therefore it is possible that he is connected to the case.

The conversation between Kayum and Shabazz Sharif was recorded, and it was this exchange that caused Kayum to be dismissed from the Supreme Court.

Sahar Bendial is connected to this leak in what way and why? Many people also think Pandial was the source of the audiotape leak. However, this news has not received any official confirmation.

He has been a judge of Pakistan’s Supreme Court since June 17, 2014.

Before being appointed to the High Court, he served as a judge at the Lahore High Court from June 1, 2012, until June 16, 2014.

From 2 February 2022 until his retirement on 16 September 2023, Pandial will hold the position of Chief Justice of Pakistan for a period of one year, six months, and 25 days.

Pandial’s father-in-law, Parvez Malik, is her father-in-law’s brother, making Justice Malik Qayyum her uncle.

Sahar is wed to attorneys Ankur and Ahmed Pervez Malik. Parvas Malik, president of the n-League Lahore and the MNAN league, is her husband’s father-in-law.

Shasta Purvais Malik, her mother-in-law, sits on a designated seat for women in League N, which is linked with MNAN.

Family of Sahar Bendyal: Who are her parents?

Sahar, a Supreme Court Justice Adi Mohamed Bendial’s daughter. Her mother’s identity is still a mystery at this day.

The 28th Chief Justice of Pakistan is Sahar’s father, a Pakistani attorney by the name of Umar Atta Bendial.

On January 13, 2022, President Arif Alvi gave his appointment as the new Chief Justice his approval. He was inaugurated on February 2, 2022.

He has been a judge of Pakistan’s Supreme Court since June 17, 2014.

Effects on Sahar Bandial’s Career from the Leaked Viral Video

Sahar Bandial’s career has surely been affected by the leaked footage and audio. Public people are frequently the subject of close scrutiny, and any controversies can have significant repercussions. Sahar’s career impact is still to be determined because much will depend on how the general public feels and how the entertainment business reacts. Her possibilities, endorsements, and reputation among fans and business people may all be impacted by the leaked content.

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