Unbelievable! Witness the Viral TikTok Trend: De La Oruga Video

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Watch Video De La Oruga Tiktok Viral Trending on Twitter

What went wrong with the Tiktok La Oruga video that became popular on Twitter, where can you find it, and why did it do that?

The Tiktok caterpillar video becomes popular on Twitter

If you use Tiktok or Twitter, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard about the caterpillar video, which has become a bizarre viral phenomenon through online entertainment. A young Honduran woman named Ceci Leva can be seen dancing and lip-syncing in this funny video to the song “La Oruga” by the Marimba Orchestra Unión Sanpedrana.

The video was initially posted on @soyloruga’s Tiktok account, where it has amassed over 17 million views and 3 million likes. Additionally, it circulated on Twitter, where it received a ton of comments and responses.

Why, therefore, is this video so distinctive? Why has it gained such notoriety? The definition of Caterpillar could use some clarification. We inform you of everything here.

Ceci Leva – La Oruga: who is she?

The caterpillar video features Ceci Leva, a 22-year-old woman from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, who exudes enthusiasm, wit, and charisma. Ceci is an English teacher at a school and a psychology major. She also takes pleasure in posting her dance and music-related videos on Tiktok, where she has amassed over 800,000 followers.

Watch Twitter Trending Video De La Oruga Tiktok Viral

In the video, Ceci can be seen dressed in a green outfit that gives the impression that she is a caterpillar. The song “La Oruga,” a typical Honduran theme played by the Marimba Orchestra Unión Sanpedrana, is sung and danced by her with amazing grace and emotion. The song tells the story of a caterpillar that eats tree leaves and then turns into a butterfly. The message says:

Ceci said that she selected this song because she really enjoys it and feels that it accurately reflects her culture and nation. “The tree was bald because the caterpillar devoured its leaves.” “The caterpillar turned into a cocoon when summer arrived, and a butterfly emerged with very pretty colors.” She adds that because she has gone through challenging circumstances in her life, including depression and the death of her father, the caterpillar represents change and victory. According to Ceci, the video is a way for her to communicate her joy and love for herself as well as her wish to motivate her followers.

Twitter’s Reaction to the La Oruga Video’s Impact on Social Media

The caterpillar video has caused a stir on social media sites, particularly Twitter, where many users have praised Ceci for her talent, compassion, and majesty. The video has also been the subject of memes, remixes, and parodies, and some people have even claimed that it ought to be the summer song.

The Caterpillar Video’s Location

Using the hashtag #loruga or the @soyloruga account, you can look up the caterpillar Tiktok video. Additionally, you may discover it on YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We can guarantee that Ceci Leva, the caterpillar from Honduras who has captured the hearts of millions of people, will provide you with a lot of entertainment and charm.

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