With the Broncos trailing 27-7 and facing a critical third-and-1, Russell Wilson dialed up his own number.

Denver had just scored on its previous possession to end the Chiefs' shutout attempt, and a Pat Surtain II

interception quickly gave the Broncos the ball back before halftime. With less than a minute remaining before 

halftime, Denver held the ball at its own 49-yard line in need of a big yard. At the snap, Wilson faked a handoff

 to Latavius Murray and read Frank Clark, who started to crash down toward the running back. By the time

he realized Wilson still had the ball, the Broncos' quarterback was off to the races — and he picked up 13 yards to push the Broncos to the edge of field-goal range.

Two plays later, Wilson scrambled again and moved the ball inside the red zone. He would cap the drive with

a 5-yard touchdown pass to Jerry Jeudy to give the Broncos their second touchdown in less than 90 seconds.