World Cup 2022 Schedules in Nepali time, kick-off dates

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World Cup 2022 Schedules in Nepali time, kick-off dates

World Cup 2022 schedule in Nepali time: The first match of this Sunday’s world cup will begin at 9:45 p.m. Nepal time.

Just a few days remain until the FIFA World Cup 2022, and football fans all over the world are already excited. Read the complete schedules and fixtures in Nepali time.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Stage Matches

World Cup 2022: All teams’ and matches’ schedules for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Qatar, are detailed in this article in Nepali time.

The FIFA World Cup in 2022 is quickly approaching, and every nation has made its commitment. We can now make predictions about who will move on to the knockout stages now that all of the group stage fixtures have been played.

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Which teams could perhaps shock us? winners of Africa One of the more potent teams in Group A, which also includes the hosts Qatar, is Senegal. In Group F, where it will likely compete with Morocco and Croatia for second place behind Belgium, Canada made its first appearance in 37 years.

The World Cup 2022 tournament’s structure

Similar to previous tournaments, the 2022 World Cup will include a 32-team group stage that cuts the field to 16 teams; only the top two teams from each of the eight groups advance.

The winners advance while the losers are eliminated in the single-game knockout phases, which include the Round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and final for these 16 group stage teams. Every knockout-round game must have a winner on the day; if extra time or penalty kicks are required to decide the winner, they will be employed.

What time do the World Cup matches in Qatar start?

Up to four matches per day, spaced out throughout the day, will be played during the group stage. Only the games played on the last day of the group stage will cross over, and this is solely for the sake of fair competition.

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There will be games to watch at appropriate intervals throughout the day in every time zone on earth. Here is a breakdown of how Qatari local kickoff times correspond to those in other countries.

World Cup 2022 schedules in Nepali time

World Cup 2022 Schedules in Nepali time, kick-off dates

FIFA World Cup 2022 Matchday 1 of 3

DateFixturesNepal time
Nov. 20Qatar vs. Ecuador9:45 PM
Nov. 21England vs Iran6:45 PM
Nov. 21Senegal vs Netherlands9:45 PM
Nov. 22USA vs Wales12:45 AM
Nov. 22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia3:45 PM
Nov. 22Denmark vs Tunesia6:45 PM
Nov. 22Mexico vs Poland9:45 PM
Nov. 23France vs Australia12:45 AM
Nov. 23Morocco vs Croatia3:45 PM
Nov. 23Germany vs Japan6:45 PM
Nov. 23Spain vs Costa Rica9:45 PM
Nov. 24Belgium vs Canada12:45 AM
Nov. 24Switzerland vs Cameroon3:45 PM
Nov. 24Uruguay vs South Korea6:45 PM
Nov. 24Portugal vs Ghana9:45 PM
Nov. 25Brazil vs Serbia12:45 AM

FIFA World Cup 2022 Matchday 2 of 3

World Cup 2022 Schedules in Nepali time, kick-off dates
DateFixturesNepal time
Nov. 25Wales vs Iran3:45 PM
Nov. 25Qatar vs Senegal6:45 PM
Nov. 25Netherlands vs Ecaudor9:45 PM
Nov. 26England vs USA12:45 AM
Nov. 26Tunisia vs Australia3:45 PM
Nov. 26Poland vs Saudi Arabia6:45 PM
Nov. 26France vs Denmark9:45 PM
Nov. 27Argentina vs Mexico12:45 AM
Nov. 27Japan vs Costa Rica3:45 PM
Nov. 27Belgium vs Morocco6:45 PM
Nov. 27Croatia vs Canada9:45 PM
Nov. 28Spain vs Germany12:45 AM
Nov. 28Cameroon vs Serbia3:45 PM
Nov. 28South Korea vs Ghana6:45 PM
Nov. 28Brazil vs Switzerland9:45 PM
Nov. 28Portugal vs Uruguay12:45 AM

FIFA World Cup 2022 Matchday 3 of 3

World Cup 2022 Schedules in Nepali time, kick-off dates
DateFixturesNepal time
Nov. 29Ecuador vs Senegal8:45 PM
Nov. 29Netherlands vs Qatar8:45 PM
Nov. 30Iran vs USA12:45 AM
Nov. 30Wales vs England12:45 AM
Nov. 30Tunisia vs France8:45 PM
Nov. 30Australia vs Denmark8:45 PM
Dec. 1Poland vs Argentina12:45 AM
Dec. 1Saudi Arabia vs Mexico12:45 AM
Dec. 1Croatia vs Belgium8:45 PM
Dec. 1Canada vs Morocco8:45 PM
Dec. 2Japan vs Spain12:45 AM
Dec. 2Costa Rica vs Germany12:45 AM
Dec. 2South Korea vs Portugal8:45 PM
Dec. 2Ghana vs Uruguay8:45 PM
Dec. 3Serbia vs Switzerland12:45 AM
Dec. 3Cameroon vs Brazil12:45 AM

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