xg300 app download free

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xg300 app download free

Do you wish to listen to high-quality music on your expensive smartphone, the XG300, which you recently purchased? Trying to get the finest sound quality possible? Use the apps we suggest in this article, please.

How can I make the xg300’s audio experience the best possible?

Do you desire a special audio experience for this remarkable device? Use the Sony | Music Center, the company’s original creation, to discover more about its features.

Main Feature Sony | Music Center

– You can listen to music including Hi-Res tracks on your smartphone.
– Play music content from CD, USB and smartphone.
– You can access your music by browsing or searching music folders stored on your computer or network NAS (DLNA).
– You can set multi-room, surround sound and wireless stereo with multiple speakers. – Change audio device settings, such as equalizer, sleep timer, network*, etc.
– Limited to compatible devices.
– This app supports TalkBack.

You can download the app here

For Android

For Apple

The next application you require to fully enjoy the XG300 is: Fiestable

With a simple and elegant user interface, the Fiestable app manages the party elements of a Sony home audio system.
How to make the Fiestable app’s party mode available

It is necessary to click “Sony | Music Center” in order to use compatible Sony speakers. Prepare a suitable device, install the most recent “Sony” software, and use Fiestable from Music Center.

Key Features of the Fiestable App:

– DJ control
– DJ effects (Isolator/Flanger/Wah/Pan), Samples (Drums, Vocal, etc.) and EQ for your sound system.
– light

What can you do with Fiestable?

– Change the lighting color and flashing speed of your sound system
– Change the lighting color of your sound system
– Audio playback
– Record your voice through the microphone of this device. After recording, you can set your voice and play it repeatedly.
Party lighting via Fiestable
– The light is emitted by the smartphones of the party participants in synchronization with the music.

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